Greenspoint Property Coordinates

29 deg 36′ 26.23″  N
98 deg 00′ 53.82″  W


29 deg 35′  57.30″  N
98 deg 00′  19.80″  W


29 deg 35′  31.56″  N
98 deg 00′  35.35″  W


29 deg 35′  36.58″  N
98 deg 00′  58.93″  W


In 2014, three tracts of land were assembled to create the 282-acre development named Greenspoint. With its prime location on SH 46 between IH 35 and IH 10, Greenspoint is positioned to be a significant new addition to the dynamic economy of New Braunfels and Seguin.

Greenspoint will benefit from the maximum utilization of SH 46 with a planned 200-foot right-of-way to be designated Greenspoint Parkway bisecting the property. These two major roadways will create the framework for the pattern of collector streets, neighborhood streets, walkways, bike lanes, parks and open spaces that will be essential characteristics of the project. The development will be defined by its natural beauty, oak trees, and native plants as well as its commitment to being green and sustainable. This master planned development will be serviced by Guadalupe Electric Cooperative, Inc. (electrical and internet service), Springs Hill Water Supply Corporation (domestic water supply), Greenspoint Services Company (irrigation water supply), City of Seguin (sanitary sewer), AT&T (telephone) and Center Point Energy Entex (natural gas).